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Sew What Pro!

You've seen the videos, you've heard the reviews!  

Here is the Embroidery Design Editor I RAVE about!

SewWhat-Pro (SWP) is software for viewing, editing and converting embroidery files for various different sewing manufacturers. It includes various Integrated Project Management features (see the description of SewWhat-Pro features below). A plugin is available from myriaCross (see features list below) for converting Cross-Stitch files to embroidery files.

Use the Download button below to install both the free 30-day Demo (no purchase necessary) and the retail version, as well as to update the software. Do not update during the DEMO period, as this will cause immediate expiration of the trial. Download the manual for more details about the many features available in Sew-What-Pro. MAC users should use the MAC Download button below and can refer to installation instructions for details.



PLEASE download with either Microsoft Edge OR Firefox! Chrome will NOT

download the file properly!

Check your computer requirements. This is your LEAST Likely option.

Requires an Emulator
Click below to purchase Sew What Pro!

* Shortly after you complete your purchase of Sew What Pro, you will receive an email with your registration code.  PLEASE RETAIN THIS EMAIL for your records!  


Please check your spam for the email. (search email for SandScomputing) If you do NOT see an email after 24 hours, simply send an email to with the subject line CODE NEEDED.  It is honestly that simple.

* The code provided in your confirmation email will UNLOCK the demo version above.

*An installation help video can be found here:

Need Assistance?  Check out our FAQ section for contact information.

**No Refunds on digitial purchases


Thank you for your purchase!

Features of Sew What Pro

  • View embroidery files, even if they are included in zip or rar archives

  • View thumbnails (in Album View) of files in your working directory

  • Write Designer-1© floppy disks and USB drives

  • Use TrueType fonts [TTF©] to create monogram lettering (with varying degrees of quality)

  • Resize, reposition, delete, rotate, and merge sewing patterns

  • Convert from, and save to, various file formats (see chart below) either individually or in batch mode

  • Simulate the real-time stitch out of a pattern

  • Change individual thread colors and background fabrics

  • Print out the design and design summary

  • View (or hide) a stitch histogram of the thread length distribution for each pattern

  • Hide or view (as thickened or dashed lines) jump stitches

  • ICON toolbar button to toggle between thread pane information and alphabet mode for easy entering of pre-digitized lettering

  • Applique cutter tool for creating SVG and JPG files for outline of applique, used to cut applique fabric in Cameo© and Cricut© software

  • Cutting toolbar allows graphical separation of patterns at specific stitches

  • Density adjustment dialog to resize a pattern at constant density

  • Graphical or text-based reordering of thread color stops is available

  • Capability to write Smart Media or Compact Flash cards for Singer, Brother, Janome, and new Bernina machines

  • Converts Cross Stitch patterns to embroidery files using a “plugin” from myriaCross (MC). You may download the DEMO, or purchase the MC plugin for SewWhat-Pro, here. Once the plugin is installed, it becomes seamlessly integrated into the SewWhat-Pro workspace and can be used to preview and convert a variety of different Cross-stitch formats. if the plugin stops working after updating to a newer version of Windows,  simply uninstall and reinstall it.

  • Supports a command-line interface for file conversion which has the form:

    • SewWhat-Pro.exe file1.ext1 file2.ext2 /c


Integrated Project Management Features of SewWhat-Pro

  • Includes an editable table for entering project information

  • Easily editable list of thread colors and manufacturer brands

  • Capability to read/write thread color “txt” files for single/multiple projects

  • Thread palettes from a large number of manufacturers are available

  • Customizable user-defined thread palettes can be easily added


File Types Supported by SewWhat-Pro

Tutorial Videos for Sew What Pro

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