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My Package arrived damaged!  Can I get a replacement?*

Oh No! While we take many precautions to protect your ice boxes and rhinestones, we can not be held responsible for the intentional mishandling of packages by the shipping carrier.  We WILL as a courtesy, replace your ice box that was broken upon receipt.  You need to submit a claim below, along with photos of the ice box as it was received within 5 days of your delivery date.  We will send out the replacement ice box in the size that was broken, and up to 50 gross stones (at our discretion) to replace any that spilled out of the container and bag into the box. 


*IF YOUR ENTIRE PACKAGE IS LOST/STOLEN, and you purchased the optional insuranceGo to the INSURANCE PAGE instead of using the form below. Please REVIEW the insurance terms/conditions carefully!

Ice Box Claim Form
Upload Photo

Thanks for your request. Please allow 30 business days to process your claim.

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