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Welcome to Rhinestoning For Beginners!

Thank you for enrolling in our course!

Here Are Your Next Steps!

1. Find the email titled “Verify your email to access your course” and click on the teal “Sign in to your account” button. (The message comes from the site’s email address:, and it might be hiding in your spam/junk/ or promotions folder)


2. At the "Create Your Account" screen, add your name and email address, and then create a password. Click the purple “complete registration” button when finished.

3. Click on the course and review the Welcome Module for the supplies you'll need.


PLEASE finalize your registration. 


If you do not finalize your registration you will not be able to access the class later! 

Once you finalize your registration

be sure to bookmark the course!

If you have any issues with your registration contact us at: 

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