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A mother on a mission.


After searching many avenues, it was difficult to find just the right gift for a baby shower.  Online options didn't allow me to customize exactly the way I needed, nor did gift sets prove satisfactory.  The only solution was to make the gifts myself. When the others saw what I made, they asked me if I could teach them.  Thus The Baby's Booty was born!



Embroidery was Not Easy...


Learning how to do embroidery was a daunting task!  I searched online, reached out to "experts", joined Facebook groups, all to end up still frustrated.  I did find a few YouTube videos that combined, led me on the right path.  Through sweat and (yikes!) blood, I finally learned how to do embroidery efficiently and effortlessly!  I decided that there must be others out there just like me who needed step-by-step instructions.  I started The Baby's Booty YouTube channel in an effort to help those ones learn exactly how to do machine embroidery, maintain their machines, and what materials they need to accomplish that.



Pictures are worth a thousand words!

Would you like to see more? If you have Instagram or Facebook, then click below to see images of prior orders.  We even have a Video Blog on Youtube.  Check us out below!



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