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A SUPERRRR easy project that you can make to create a little quilted pad that can be used to wipe up baby spit!  As the baby grows, it can be used as a washcloth.  You can also use this as a spit spotter for the elderly or infirm.


Here's a video showing how to make these.



  1. Hoop your Tearaway stabilizer
  2. Stitch the first step (placement stitch)
  3. lay a piece of 6x8 batting to completely cover the placement stitches
  4. lay a piece of 6x8 flannel fabric (pretty side up) to cover the batting
  5. Stitch the second step (the quilting)
  6. Stitch the word Baby
  7. Lay a 6x8 piece of towel to completely cover the quilting and the word Baby
  8. Stitch the Fourth/final step
  9. Remove the hoop and unhoop the project.
  10. Trim the excess fabric away from around the project.  Cut along the stitch line but leave 1/4 inch fabric from the stitching.  Don't cut closer than that!
  11. Turn your project inside out.
  12. Finish by doing a top stitch or use hem tape to glue it shut!  



Please do not sell nor distribute this design.  You can make as many as you want for sale.

Spit Spotter Embroidery File 5x7

$6.00 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price
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