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I am a wife and mother of 3! All of my babies are adults now, with the youngest being 20 and in the Army! I am also the proud NaNa of beautiful 3 year old baby boy! I am self taught in crocheting. (Had to learn before my grandbaby was to be here) I love my crochet but I am newly in love with all things machine embroidery (and going to re-learn how to sew. I know how to hand embroider and how to crossstitch!) As a school buas driver for 16 years and loved almost every minute of it lol. I have many many ”bus babies” whom are grown up now and keep up with me on facebook(when I have time to get on there).**Update: my job medically retired me in Oct 2019. Very heartbroken, but I know all of my bus babies are safer with another driver.** I am now currently ”stuck” home with a fainting disorder that has a whole lotta side effects with it. Also fighting spinal issues, had lumbar spinal fusion and decompression in December 2019 and well to say the least i am very much worse than before surgery, if only we cound go back. I fight everyday to sit stand walk bend sleep and the worst is in the middle of the night potty breaks when i have a very difficult and painful time getting into a sitting position and then a standing position all while praying for the inevitable musclevspasm that hit and then goes down my legs and turns into a really bad charlie horse, you know basic everyday things we take for granted,the worst for me personnally is not being able to pick up and snuggle my soon to be 5 year old grandson, the last time I was able to pick him up he was 1 1/2 to 2 years old and my heart break but i trry to take life one day at a time and pray for an answer or reason why this is happening. I was out on Long Term Disability and they (LTD lawyers) are currently fighting for social security disability. Not happy with the present but look forward to the future as I learn to ”deal” with my disability and not being able to drive anymore at all. But God is good and it is i his hands! A family memeber gave me a Brorher Se270d and I have found something new to keep my hands and mind busy! My husband is going to get me a new Brother Se1900!!!! And I am very excited to have 2 embroidery machines and I have a full size Singer sewing Machine!**Update i have passed myntrusty Singer on to my daughter(my”son in law” is the one who,uses it the most, my daughter likes sewing by hand)I look forward to learning more about all things embroidery and keeping up with some new friends! Lastly my prayer and hope for you all is to be safe in this difficult and trying time!