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Hi my name is Tracy Russo and The Babys Booty is the whole reason why I got into embroidery and back into my passion of sewing. I was watching videos on YouTube, of course, who doesnt right? and I came accross Eve’s videos and she blew me away with her skills and her ability and selflessness to teach others the craft of embroidery. What amazes me about Eve is she keeps learning new things every day and she passes it on to her followers. So with that being said, I knew I had to be a part of what she was doing so I started following her and I was hooked. I bought a machine, made a bunch of stuff, bought a Silhouette, made some more stuff, bout a heat press, made some more stuff, bought another embroidery machine, and while all this was going on my passion for sewing came back to me from years ago and now I cant be happier. Thank you Eve!