These will be made to order, each numbered for authenticity!

Back by Popular Demand! Get your own "permanent" New born Bib pattern used exclusively by The Baby's Booty! This is my personal pattern I drafted after creating a design that I felt the most comfortable with. It's not perfect, the wavy edges indicates the painstaking process I used to draft out that very first pattern! LOL!
I have found this bib fits best on newborns to just over 3 months. Perfect for bottle feedings or just to be super cute!!!
The bib measures 12 3/4 tall x 9 1/4 wide. This bib compliments the set which has the older baby bib measuring 12 3/4 tall x 9 1/4 wide and the burp cloth measures 15" tall x 10" wide.
Use these patterns with a 3/8" seam allowance right sides facing, leave an opening on the side to turn the bib inside out, turn inside out, then topstitch around the edge with another 3/8" seam allowance.


Here's a video tutorial!

The Baby's Booty- ONE Newborn Bib Pattern Add-on!!!

  • These are plastic templates to be used for tracing purposes only.  Please do not use near iron or other heat source as this plastic will melt.  Also, use caution around scissors, rotary cutters, or other blade cutters as this item is easily cut or scratched.  Please do not pin as pins will leave permanant holes.  

  • No refunds due to personalized nature of Product.  Contact me for exchange options!  I will try my best to be accomodating, however only credit applied in amount of purchase paid.

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