Orders & Pricing

Customization is our forte'

Therefore, the ordering process is very detailed so that we can ensure you receive your gift EXACTLY how you want it!  

Placing an order requires that you select your requested gift items, and choose among the wide array of design options available.  We also are more than happy to consider a purchaseable design that you may have found elsewhere.  Choose your lettering, then your colors and we're all set!  What if you can't decide on designs?  I can mix and match designs, or sometimes it helps to just ask the new parents!  Many are more than happy to let you know what elements they intend to incorporate into the baby's nursery!

I am usually available to answer any questions, offer any suggestions, and point you in the right direction!

Once you have selected your gifts and their designs, I will send you a price quote for your final review and order submission.


Payment is required prior to service.

From payment to delivery I ask that you allow 2 - 4 weeks for processing.  


The size of the order and complexity of the design will dictate how long the processing time will be.  I will give you a closer time frame in your order estimate.

Once the order is completed, I will email/text/IM you a picture of the final product prior to shipment.

That's it!  Your order will be on the way via USPS Priority mail with Tracking #!


We have adjusted our pricing to allow for flat rate embroidery pricing.

The rates below cover embroidery services on custom handmade items.

Please keep that above example in mind as you design your gifts around the following base prices:

Base Pricing



Burp Cloths


Binky Leashes


Blankets (30” x 35” stroller size) 


Blankets (40” x 40” receiving size) 


Blankets (42” x 52” toddler size)


Blankets (52” x 60” throw size)


If fabric for blanket is provided, remove $10.

If Blanket is minky backed, add $15

Blanket self-binding, add $15


Bibs with tie                       $15

Bibs with tie & initial         $20

Burp cloths monogram     $15

Blanket Patches                $5 + design cost

$15 - white cotton/flannel/diaper cloth front, white terry cloth back


$15 - white cotton/flannel/diaper cloth front, white terry cloth back


$15 - cotton (any color)


$45 - Double layered flannel/fleece


$50 - Double layered flannel/fleece


$55 - Double layered flannel/fleece


$60 - Double layered flannel/fleece